August 06, 2006

Immortally Yours Background

Cast Members

Daniel Goddard, "Alex Stone"
A native of Sydney, Australia, Daniel Richard Goddard studied at the Ensemble Actors Studio and performed in local theatrical productions before landing his first major television role. As Eric Phillips on the popular European soap opera "Home and Away", he quickly won recognition as one of Europe's biggest heartthrobs. Although he enjoyed his fame in Europe and Australia, Daniel felt it was time to set his sights on Hollywood. Soon after, he landed the role as Dar, the Beastmaster, in the syndicated action adventure TV series entitled "Beastmaster", which ran for three seasons. Since that time, Daniel portrayed the title role in the motion picture "A Man Called Rage", and has continued his television work with numerous guest appearances on shows such as "Monk" and "Emily's Reasons Why Not".

Katherine Hawkes, "Estelle Henderson"
After acquiring a degree in Russian language and literature from London University, Katherine pursued an acting career and has worked in both motion pictures and television. She has had supporting roles in films such as "Meet Me in Miami" and "Keeper of the Past" among others, and has made television appearances on shows such as "Second Time Around". Her talent and beauty have been compared to Grace Kelly and Nicole Kidman.

Eric Etebari, "Victor Price"
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eric attended San Diego State University on a volleyball scholarship before deciding to pursue acting. Since landing guest appearances on television in the late 1990's, Eric's fame has grown with his supporting role on the series "Witchblade", and in the hit motion pictures "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Cellular". Eric has appeared in over a dozen films and television shows in the last decade.

Costas Mandylor, "Rex"
This handsome actor quickly established himself in a handful of featured roles in films, and as Officer Kenny Lacos on the acclaimed drama series "Picket Fences". Born in Australia of Greek descent, Mandylor abandoned a professional soccer career after sustaining injuries and relocated to Hollywood to pursue acting. He quickly won a co-starring role in the Holocaust drama "Triumph of the Spirit". Director Oliver Stone cast him as an Italian aristocrat in his biopic "The Doors", and Mandylor went on to star in "Mobsters". He also played an actor in the soap opera spoof "Soapdish". Other credits include the post-nuclear "Fist of the North Star", the futuristic sci-fi "Last Exit to Earth", and he played Denzel Washington's doomed partner in the big-budget sci-fi action film "Virtuosity". Recently, Costas appeared on the hit show "7th Heaven", starred in the highest rated Sci-Fi Channel movie ever, "Dinocroc", and has multiple films in production and post-production.

Katie Rich, "Alice Hammond"
Katie has been acting for nearly 20 years in television and film, appearing in shows like "NYPD Blue" and "The Division", and films such as "Punchline" and "Red Dragon". Through the strength of her audition, the producers changed the role of Detective Roger Hammond in "Immortally Yours" to Detective Alice Hammond in order to add her to the cast.

Sandra Ramirez, "Stella"
Latina sensation Sandra Ramirez hails from East Los Angeles. After studying drama in Mexico City, she landed roles in Spanish language soap operas and soon became a familiar face on several Mexican television shows. Since moving back to Los Angeles, Sandra has been seen in the feature "Chasing Papi", has a recurring role on the Showtime series "Resurrection Boulevard", and has continued to appear on numerous Spanish language programs. Maxim Magazine called Sandra one of the top 10 sexiest actresses in the world, and she will soon be seen in the major motion picture "Reno 911: Miami".

Christina Cindrich, "Victoria"
Christina Cindrich was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Christina was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 1999 during her junior year in high school, and a year later, she went on to compete in the nationally televised Miss Teen USA Pageant on CBS. After graduating from high school, Christina moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Since that time, she has appeared on TV shows such as "Las Vegas", "According to Jim", "Boston Legal" and "Frasier". In the near future, Christina will be seen in "Spider-Man 3".

Miranda Kwok, "Sylvia"
As a television and film veteran, Miranda has appeared on "7th Heaven", "Charmed", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "ER", and the films "Jane Doe", "Ride or Die", and "Killing Moon". Miranda is a Jill-of-all-trades, with skills such as motorcycling, rock climbing, martial arts, playing rugby, and producing her own motion pictures. She has even won the prestigious Best Screenplay award at the Slamdance International Film Festival for her work. There are several films in post-production in which Miranda has acted, as she continues to work regularly.

Aveda Fredric's Institute Indianapolis Grand Opening
Special thanks to the cast and production team for attending the Aveda Fredric's Institute Indianapolis Grand Opening Celebration.

Main Production Team

Joe Tornatore, Director and Producer
Joe Tornatore started his motion picture career as an actor under contract at Columbia Studios. He worked alongside with stellar talents, such as John Wayne, Paul Newman, and Robert Redford. In his feature debut, he worked with Boris Karloff in "The Venetian Affair".

Joe has appeared in over two hundred and fifty TV shows and motion pictures, working with some of the greatest directors in the industry, from George Roy Hill in "The Sting" to Franco Zeffirelli in "The Champ". Joe Tornatore got behind the camera as a writer, producer, and director and has to his credit seventeen motion pictures that have enjoyed commercial success. As a veteran director, he continues to pursue commercially viable projects that appeal to the masses worldwide.

Frank Russo, Producer
Corporate executive, Frank Russo has joined the team with his investment and marketing skills. He began his career working alongside producer, Ralph Serpe of the Dino De Laurentiis Corporation, and The Falcon Film Corporation. Mr. Russo went on to work for Canterbury Films where his responsibilities were to develop and market screen plays to major studios, such as Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox. His marketing expertise enhance the commercial viability of his current production, "Immortally Yours".

Katherine Hawkes, Actress, Producer, Screenwriter
After acquiring a degree in Russian language and literature from London University, Katherine pursued an acting career and furthered her ambitions as a screenwriter and producer by developing projects such as, "Beat the Clock" and "Immortally Yours". As an actress, Katherine has worked in both motion pictures and television.

Immortally Yours - SYNOPSIS
Directed by Joe Tornatore
SYNOPSIS, Written by Katherine Hawkes

Vampires, century old bloodsuckers of the under-world, have plagued the earth for hundreds of years. Their lust and need for blood, in order to survive and live immortally, has terrorized humans both in fact and folklore.

A covenant of young, sophisticated vampires, led by Alex, a handsome, debonair man, who has a taste not only for blood, but also the finer things in life, attends an Opera, where he encounters Estelle, a beautiful upper-world woman. Her father is the top scientist, (George Henderson, played by Nick Jameson) and works for the Neil Longevity Foundation, which is currently researching an approach to immortality for their sponsor, the head of the upper-world Illuminati organization , Lady Margaret Neil.

The upper-world's Illuminati are keen competitors to the under-world's vampires, as they not only exploit humans through war, politics, poverty, disease, drugs, and finally their very flesh in the attempt to gain the access to immortality by taking body-parts. In addition, they have attempted, cloning, cryogenics and memory transformation but, nothing is working.

The Illuminati finally arrive at a solution, through the relationship that their young researcher has with the handsome Vampire. Alex has become desperately in love with Estelle, but does not want her to be part of the covenant. He would rather have mortality, exist as a man, produce a family, and live out his years with them in a normal manner, than be condemned to the immortality of a savage beast.

Through negotiations, the Illuminati promises they will find a cure for his vampirism in exchange for a bite of Immortality. Unfortunately, the conclusion is to neither sides liking, and an unholy war takes place between the Illuminati and the Vampires.

Major Hollywood Motion Picture being filmed in Butler County, Ohio and a major scene at the Aveda Fredric's Institute Indianapolis. Hair and Makeup for the actors and actresses of the movie was created by students of the Aveda Fredric's Institute.


Production Team
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Cast Members
Aveda Fredric's Institute Indianapolis Grand Opening
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